Epicureans by Region


Finland; city of Turku: Suomen Epikurolaiset (Finnish Epicureans)

Greece: Friends of Epicurean Philosophy

Spain (Córdoba): Please contact Antonio Pérez at apf.985@gmail.com


Sydney: Sydney Epicurus Philosophy Garden

North America

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Chicago IL area: Please contact Hiram at info@societyofepicurus.com

San Juan, Puerto Rico: Ernesto Williams at williamsbraa@gmail.com

Philadelphia PA area: Please contact Panagiotis Alexiou at pan.alexiou+sfe@gmail.com

For Twin Cities (St Paul/Minneapolis), MN area: Please contact Larry Gleason at Oldgypsy@aol.com

San Francisco CA area: Please contact Tom Merle at tom@epicurus.org

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada area: Please contact Eric Cire at Eric_Cire@societyofepicurus.com

INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF FRIENDS OF EPICURUS Please contact the Society at info@societyofepicurus.com if you, either individually or as host for a meetup or a group, would like to be added to the contact list.

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About Hiram

Hiram is an author from the north side of Chicago who has written for The Humanist, Occupy, Infidels, Ateistas de Puerto Rico, El Nuevo Dia, and other publications. His book Tending the Epicurean Garden (Humanist Press, 2014) is a contemporary and interdisciplinary introduction to Epicureanism. He earned a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies from NEIU.