Epicureans by Region


Finland; city of Turku: Suomen Epikurolaiset (Finnish Epicureans)

Greece: Friends of Epicurean Philosophy

Spain (Córdoba): Please contact Antonio Pérez at apf.985@gmail.com


Sydney: Sydney Epicurus Philosophy Garden

North America

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Chicago IL area: Please contact Hiram at info@societyofepicurus.com

San Juan, Puerto Rico: Ernesto Williams at williamsbraa@gmail.com

Philadelphia PA area: Please contact Panagiotis Alexiou at pan.alexiou+sfe@gmail.com

For Twin Cities (St Paul/Minneapolis), MN area: Please contact Larry Gleason at Oldgypsy@aol.com

San Francisco CA area: Please contact Tom Merle at tom@epicurus.org

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada area: Please contact Eric Cire at Eric_Cire@societyofepicurus.com

INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF FRIENDS OF EPICURUS Please contact the Society at info@societyofepicurus.com if you, either individually or as host for a meetup or a group, would like to be added to the contact list.