Meet the Epicureans

Robert Hanrott, author of the Epicurus Blog

This is Why I am an Epicurean

Questions and Answers

Carvaka and Epicurus, by Robert’s wife Martha Horsle


Christos Yapijakis, of the Epicurean Garden in Athens

Report from the 2014 Epicurean Philosophy Symposium

Hippocrates of Kos, the Father of Clinical Medicine, and Asclepiades of Bithynia, the Father of Molecular Medicine

Self-sufficiency as a Product of Prudence


Matt Jackson

The Gods of the Garden, the God of the Mount and the Absolute


Mark Walker

The Epicurus Project

Positive Epicurus – Exploring the Intersection of Positive Psychology and Epicurean Philosophy

A Lazy Afternoon in the Garden of Lucretius: an Epicurean Tale


Sasha Euler, German philosopher of Christian-Epicurean persuasion

Epicurus in Thomas More Utopia, Part I and Part II


Dr. Dara Fogel, adjunct professor of philosophy at the University of Central Oklahoma

An Epicurean Manifesto


Writings by Cassius Amicus, of


Dimitris Dimitriadis, from the Epicurean Garden of Alexandroupoli

Aitio Paronta (These Are the Causes): On Epicurus’ Humanism and Enlightened Speech


Hiram Crespo, SFE Founder and Editor

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