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Tending the Epicurean Garden sets the foundation for the work of the Society of Epicurus by demonstrating how modern research on neuroscience and the science of happiness vindicates the teachings of our tradition. It also gives people a practice of Epicurean philosophy. Also available directly from Humanist Press, where the reader can leave comments that, once approved, become forever part of the work. HP offers Lucretius on Life and Death, by WH Mallock, as a companion volume.

The most complete collection of sources in the English language is Elemental Epicureanism. Also, visit for an intro to Epicurean philosophy.

Thomas Jefferson had copies of this great masterpiece by Frances Wright with him. This was his personal epitome. The didactic novel A Few Days in Athens gives people a good idea of what we believe and how it compares to other schools. También disponible en español.

Los antiguos epicúreos solían llevar consigo epítomes, colecciones de enseñanzas para el estudio. Este Epítome moderno incluye las Doctrinas Principales, Sentencias Vaticanas, Epístolas de Epicuro a Meneceo, Pítocles y Herodoto, una crónica de los Escolarcas y nueve razonamientos basados en los pergaminos de Herculano, con introducción, comentario y guía de estudio de Hiram Crespo.

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