Books that SoFE Recommends

By Hiram Crespo, SoFE Founder

Tending the Epicurean Garden – All Reviews

How to Live a Good Life – Review


Ukemi Audiobooks’ Epicurus of Samos: His Philosophy and Life: All the Principal Source Texts – Includes Diogenes Laertius’ biography of Epicurus including three letters from Epicurus to friends, to Herodotus, Pythocles and Menoeceus; The Principal Doctrines of Epicurus, The Vatican Sayings; Epicurean Fragments; further fragments included in the collection The Villa of the Papyri, Diogenes’ Wall Inscription, De Rerum Natura (On the Nature of Things), and there is a chapter on The Legacy.

Epicurean Therapeutics and Philodemus

The Ethics of Philodemusby Voula Tsouna. Best intro to Philodemus in English I can think of and a source of potential Epicurean therapeutic techniques. Also, Tsouna quotes many Philodemus frangments, making them accessible in a way they otherwise wouldn’t be – recommended by Marcus


On Death – Review

On Frank Criticism – Review

On the Art of Property Management – Review

For All Works: The Philodemus Series

For More Advanced Students:

A Few Days in Athens – Review

Horace the Poet

Other Modern Introductions:

How to be Epicurean, by Catherine Wilson – Review. Alan says: I liked Catherine Wilson’s books A Very Short Intro and How to be an Epicurean.

Re: Tim O Keefe’s Epicureanism – Jordan says: isn’t too strenuous if you wanted a more technical reading.

Reclaiming Epicurus, by Luke Slattery – SH says is a good short book.

Letters on Happiness by Peter Saint-Andre.

Both books by DeWitt were recommended by Ross. Epicurus and his philosophy has a cult following among some modern Epicureans. Others criticize “that it is very hefty, not the most accessible, and ultimately only so useful when it comes to implementing Epicurean philosophy, though it does present the history and theory well.”

St. Paul and Epicurus helps us to understand all that Christianity borrowed from the early Epicurean communities.


For Children and Adults Alike:

Epicurus the Sage Review.

For French Speakers:

De l’inhumanité de la religion – Review