Various Articles, Blogs and Blog Series

The Epicurean Revival, written for Humanist Life

That Old Time Secularism, written for, a publication of the Harvard Humanist chaplaincy and community

Whose Pleasure? Whose Pain? Applying Hedonic Calculus to Public Policy, written for The Humanist

Rediscovering The Good and Meaningful Life Through Work, written for

Introductions to Anticipations and the Pleasure-Aversion Principles

Charlie Hebdo and the Terror of Free Expression

Atheism 2.1: the Tension Between Atheist Politics and Ataraxia

Reasonings About Sam Harris’ The Moral Landscape

Reasonings on Thus Spake Zarathustra

Reasonings About Confucius’ Analects

Contemplations on the Tao Series

On Neocles’ and Chaerestrate’s Son

Stages of Development in Hedonist Spirituality

NOUS SOMMES TOUS LA FRANCE – In Solidarity With France