Writings by Cassius Amicus

Cassius Amicus, the founder and webmaster of newepicurean.com, is a prolific writer of educational material on Epicureanism and one of the first people in modern Epicureanism to seriously take up the teaching mission of the Gardens.

It was, in part, thanks to his webpage, his moral support, and his directing me to Norman DeWitt’s article on Epicurean organizations, that I developed the resolve and the inspiration to engage in the work of the Society of Friends of Epicurus.

The following are links to his books and children’s poems, many of which he has made available for free or for very affordable prices.  Also, feel free to visit his webpage, newepicurean.com, where you will find a great amount of additional educational material.

Books by Cassius Amicus:

The Tripod of Truth – An Introduction to Epicurus’ Canon of Truth

Elemental Epicureanism – One of the most complete English-language sources of our writings all in one place (for Spanish, see Epítome: Escrituras Epicúreas (Spanish Edition))

The Annotated Doctrines of Epicurus

A Life Worthy of the Gods: the Life and Work of Epicurus

Against the Men of the Crowd – On the Importance of Thinking for Oneself and Relying on One’s Faculties

An Introduction to the Nature of Things

The Same Span of Time – The Major Works of Thomas Cooper, MD

A Few Days In Athens

Jackson Barwis – Collected Works

Ante Oculos – Epicurus and the Evidence-Based Life

Children’s Poems:

Thus Purred Catius Cat

Cassius Cat And The Forty Mice – A Second Epicurean Poem For Children Of All Ages