Happy Twentieth

In his final will, Epicurus left provisions and instructions related to holding a monthly feast of reason and pleasure, where Epicureans would enjoy each other’s company while eating delicacies and studying philosophy. This Epicurean feast is traditionally celebrated on the 20th of each month and is meant to honor the memory of Epicureans who came before us, to study them, and to transmit to future generations this noble tradition of wisdom through the cultivation of friendships and sincere study.

Today, thanks to the magic of the internet, this tradition has taken the form of monthly publication of articles. For Luis Granados, the 20th is a more private and intimate alternative to the atheistic churches that have become fashionable and follow a rather ecclesiastical, congregational model to create community, which he believes does not promote getting to know the other participants in a very personal way. Ideally, the twentieth should be celebrated with good friends discussing issues of philosophy and enjoying fine (even if simple) foods. The idea is to personalize philosophy and build healthy relationships with others that are influenced by it.

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June 2018 – Lucian’s Aerial Expedition

May 2018 – Back to the Basics: the Ethics

April 2018 – The Pleasure of Knowledge

March 2018 – Some Essays and Updates

January 2018 – On Lucretius and Kingship

December 2017 – The Epicureans and the Original Jedi

November 2017 – The Uncuttables

October 2017 – Imagine No Religion!

September 2017 – Epicureans in the Lotus 

July 2017 – Pale Blue Dot

June 2017 – The Havamal on Isolation

May 2017 – The Pauline War on “Peace and Safety”

April 2017 – In Defense of Pleasure

March 2017 – Lucretius on Iron and War

February 2017 – On Nature’s Alphabet

January 2017 – Each One Teach One

December 2016 – Epicurus on Gratitude

November 2016 – Shall We Banish the Ego?

October 2016 – Goal of True Spiritual Practice is Pleasure

September 2016 – On Passing By

August 2016 – Woodland Aborigines Invent Music and Dance

July 2016 – This May Have Happened in the Great All

June 2016 – Neural Pathways in Lucretius’ DRN

May 2016 – Better Be A Subject and at Peace

April 2016 – The Well-Walled Fortress of the Wise

March 2016 – The Punctured Jar Parable

Also, here you will find a list of past issues of the old Happy 20th bulletin.