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 Philosophy for the Millions, the best and shortest introductory article on Epicureanism, by Norman W. DeWitt

Have You Heard? – introduce an audience to the philosophy of Epicurus.

Do You Want to Be Happy? Brochure

Seasonal Memes

Lucretius and Lucian Meme Campaigns

Ateístas de Puerto Rico Spanish-language Memes

Fun Epicurean Willy Wonka Memes

Happy 20th Piglet Memes

Parallel Sayings Buddhist Memes

Dudeist Memes

#KnowYourCircle Memes

External link: 25 Sayings of The Messenger of Pleasure

Epicurus Copilot







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Hiram is an author from the north side of Chicago who has written for The Humanist, Occupy, Infidels, Ateistas de Puerto Rico, El Nuevo Dia, and other publications. His book Tending the Epicurean Garden (Humanist Press, 2014) is a contemporary and interdisciplinary introduction to Epicureanism. He earned a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies from NEIU.