An Epicurean Yearbook – in German


“The Epicurean Yearbook“ invites the reader to experience 365 days with Epicurean philosophy. Each month contains content that plunges deeper into the cosmos of Epicureanism:

  • A quotation helps to memorize ancient wisdom.
  • An essay discusses questions of philosophy and matches them with everyday life.
  • A small exercise helps to understand philosophy within daily routine.
  • In contrast, a large exercise is an active approach to live philosophy.

Example: “The Good is Easy to Attain”. In September we realize that Nature gives everything we need for low cost. During harvest season staples are very cheap. We are invited to be mindful of this next time we walk through the fruit and vegetable section of our supermarket and be happy about Nature’s blessings. A large exercise is to cook a fresh dish and invite friends to the meal. Finally, the monthly entry includes passages from Epicurus, Lucretius and other authors.

In the last chapter of my book, I present an Epicurean symposium. This symposium consists of a ritual to experience “The four-part cure” (Tetrapharmakos), a presentation and a banquet. Rituals and symbols connect the world of thought with the natural world.

– Andreas Haf, author

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