Message of Solidarity from SoFE to the participants of the 2014 Symposium

Dear Friends,

As you know, 2013 was a year of growing visibility for the Epicurean wisdom tradition here in the United States with the creation of the webpage for the Society of Friends of Epicurus and the proliferation of Epicurean memes in social media, which makes the pleasure of philosophy so much easier to share with others!

In 2014 there will be increased activity with the addition of the monthly newsletter, titled Happy 20th!, as well as the publishing of my book ‘Tending the Epicurean Garden’ via Humanist Press (the publishing branch of the American Humanist Association), which will happen later this year and will reach a vast audience that identifies as Humanists within our country and abroad.  I wish to let you know that I’ve kept the Spanish and Greek language rights to the book in the hopes of someday having the book translated into your language as well as the language of my ancestors.

You are all an inspiration to many of us here in the U.S. not only because prudence is so necessary in our world today but also because both our countries are going through severe financial crisis and Epicurus’ teachings of self-sufficiency and limiting of our desires may help lead us out of the trap of ever-increasing debt and of blind consumerism and may even be our societies’ salvation.

Please consider the importance of the Epicurean teaching mission and continue to share the good news of this philosophy with the world!

In warmest friendship,

Hiram Crespo

Founder of Society of Friends of Epicurus / editor of, author of Tending the Epicurean Garden

Also, watch the video with the message from Cassius Amicus (of ) to the 4th Epicurean  Symposium in Athens  (voiceover is in English)

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