On Autarchy

Epicureanism calls for a wisdom tradition that incorporates non-traditional approaches to self-sufficiency, possibly multiple streams of income and early semi-retirement cycles.

A people’s philosophy should not only concern itself with high work ethic, as important as it may be. It must recognize the need for leisure without promoting a lazy attitude. Considering that PEOPLE, not things, provide us with the most value and happiness … and always understanding the difference between subjects (people) and objects (things, and never the other way around) — What does our philosophy say of the creation of value and of productivity?

How do we balance the need for productivity / making a living WHILE not becoming a wage-slave? How do we balance productivity and leisure? This will be an ongoing theme in future articles dealing with autarchy / self-sufficiency, which is not elaborted often enough, or broadly and in detail enough, in Epicurean discourse.  Hence, our Autarchy series of articles, which will be published over the coming months.

On Philodemus’ Art of Property Management Part I

On Philodemus’ Art of Property Management Part II

By R. Hanrott: