Submission Guidelines

ISFE is accepting submissions for content written by Epicurean philosophers as part of their commitment to the Gardens’ teaching mission.  We are always looking for testimonials on the tangible benefits of philosophy, and are generally more interested in the modern practice and therapeutic process of philosophy than its history.

For both the webpage and the newsletter, we are currently interested in:

  • food blogs having to do with mood-boosting foods or superfoods
  • articles that help to clarify aspects of the philosophy of Epicurus: autarchy, material from the canon, Epicurean ethics or physics, etc.
  • science of happiness: neurology, diet, exercise, yoga, zen, happiness research, or other disciplines that resonate with a scientific, empirical process of cultivating wellbeing
  • pieces on gardening tips or techniques
  • original artwork or book reviews related to Epicureanism
  • reports on your Epicurean community-building efforts

You may pitch / submit the above, or other relevant content, to  Please include your name and a short bio, and include your submission in the body of your email or in the form of a link to a previously published page or blog.

By submitting content, you assume responsibility for the ownership of copyright.  There are no length restrictions and no restrictions regarding content previously published elsewhere, as long as credit is given to the original publisher.  ISFE does not generate revenue and can not pay for content submitted.


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