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Happy Twentieth Piglet-Angels Meme Series!

Ever since the poet Horace proudly called himself a “well-fed pig from Epicurus’ sty”, and with the discovery of a leaping pig in the villa of Herculaneum together with some of the most important scrolls that have been preserved in our tradition, the official mascot of the Epicureans has been a celebrated source of inspiration.

In this meme series, we commission a series of winged piglet angels to remind us of the Principal Doctrines on the Twentieth of every month. Please feel free to share these on social media!


Twen2 Twen3 Twen4 Twen5 Twen6 Twen7


Seasonal Memes

Feb 12: Darwin Day

viva darwin2Darwin

February 20: Epicurus’ Birthday


March 6: The Day of the Dude

Holi: the Spring Festival of colors and of love

March 20: International Happiness Day



May the 4th Be With You: Star Wars Day (with a quote from A Few Days in Athens). The Yoda picture is courtesy of the very talented Dmitry Yakhovsky. His other work can be found in his Deviant Art page. Please show support!

May the 4 Cures Be With You!

June: Pride Month

October: Halloween

Dec 21-25: Christmas / HumanLight

Humanlight HumanLightNew



During Dec. 21-25 Hindus celebrate Pancha Ganapati in honor of the jolly Ganesha

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